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Dawn Billings author of OverJOYed Life is also the author and architect of Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools. This unique technology was designed to help people find the joy and success they are desperately seeking, possibly in all the wrong places. The Primary Colors Insight system is based on the artist's color wheel. With six colors, artists can recreate everything the human eye can see, as well as, anything the human brain can imagine. You have probably taken personality tests before, but you will discover that the Primary Colors Insight technology is in a class all its own.


One of the major things that distinguishes Primary Colors Personality technology is that it takes into consideration the importance of context in people's lives, actions, choices and decisions.

What is Context?

Dawn Billings was inspired by the work of Walter Mischel in the field of contextual personality assessment. In 1968, Walter Mischel, an American psychologist specializing in personality theory and social psychology, published the now classic monograph, Personality and Assessment, which created somewhat of a crisis in psychology that changed the agenda of the field of type and trait psychology significantly.


Mischel showed that study after study failed to support the fundamental traditional assumption of personality theory, that an individual’s behavior with regard to a trait (e.g. conscientiousness, sociability) is highly consistent across diverse situations. Instead, Mischel's analyses revealed that an individual’s behavior, when closely examined, was highly dependent upon context or situational cues, rather than expressed consistently across diverse situations that differed in meaning. Mischel maintained that behavior is shaped largely by the exigencies of a given situation, in other words - context.

Dawn Billings' ultimate goal in creating the Primary Colors Personality Test was to create a jargon free, universal, easy to understand and implement, contextual personality insight tool that would allow people to gain insight into automatically relied upon personality tendencies they  might revert to in different life and emotional contexts.


Taking into consideration the fact that human beings do not usually experience conflict, frustration, strife and stress when they are happy and things are going the way the want in their lives, Billings decided to focus on helping people understand what choices and behaviors they had a tendency to use when things were not going the way they wanted. In other words, what personality color tendencies did they revert to when they were stressed, angry and frustrated? Once you understand that relationship struggles are not born out of our centered personality color strengths, but that they arise when things  become difficult, challenging and confusing, you can spend time and energy gaining understanding of what color personality tendencies, centered or extreme do you rely on in life's most stressful situations.

Directions to take PCPT Contextual Personality Test

Taking PCPT test app /online - (Easy to take on your phone, tablet or computer)

1. Join the Movement (become a free member of OverJOYed Life)  

2. Create your Primary Colors Personality login and password

3. Pay for your expert series of six Primary Colors Personality Tests. (Only $99 for all six Expert level PCPT tests)

4. Take 6 Primary Colors Personality tests easily on app or website. It is super easy to take on your phone.

5. You will receive amazing detailed information related to each test that you complete online.

6. All of your information from each test will be stored for you in your secure online account for easy access anytime.

What is the Greatest Value PCPT Insight Tools Can Bring to My Life?
Primary Colors Personality Test
Key Benefits of Emotional

Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight tools help people understand the powerful role their brains play when we feel emotional impulses, where those emotional impulses come from and how to better manage these primal impulses in our lives in order to achieve more successful relational outcomes. These important skills are all a part of what researchers have named Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Individuals utilizing EQ have more effective relationship skills which lead to improved performance in the work place. EQ is twice as predictive as IQ for performance. At an executive level, 80-90% of the factors that distinguish top leaders are Emotional Intelligence-related.
Business leaders have reported a 23% increase in market share directly following a rise in their team members performances after receiving the PCPT  EQ Personality training.  In some studies, emotional intelligence (EQ) predicts over 50% increase in an individual's performance.  How much is a 23% increase in performance and productivity worth to YOU, your team members, and your organization?
Emotional Intelligence
Enjoy the video below that addresses Personality and Emotional Intelligence
Today's star performance researchers tell us that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills can be taught, learned and measured, and make a significant positive impact on outstanding leadership, and overall organizational performance.
Emotional Intelligence research has proven EQ to be an essential key to success in both personal relationships and in business environments, and Primary Colors Personality Training has proven to aid people in developing, growing, enhancing, strengthening and encouraging Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills in all areas of their lives.
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