What Limits You in Life?

“The major thing limiting YOU in life is your belief in limits!”

What are your personal beliefs and why are they important in living an OverJOYed Life? Your beliefs are intertwined within your personality and become the rules you follow and the filters you use when choosing actions, behaviors and decisions. Understanding your core driving beliefs is an important part of understanding who YOU are.

When you were young your interpretation of messages from your parents, relatives, teachers and friends laid the foundation of your beliefs. They are located within your conscience and sub-conscience and influence how you think and interact with others, and the world, and greatly influence your internal dialog.

Some of your beliefs are positive. These beliefs reside in the Center of your personality color tendencies. Those beliefs whisper your deepest truths like:

“Go ahead and risk being extraordinary.” “You can do it.” “You have a real purpose for being born.”

Some beliefs are negative and limit your ability to risk your dreams and be your best such as:

“I’m not good enough,” “Who am I to think that I have a special purpose in my life?” “There is nothing special about me.”

Every human battles negative beliefs that live in their Extremes. These negative thoughts threaten to derail our personal and profession success. Negative beliefs are limiting beliefs. Reality is, even if you are a happy optimist through and through, who really is committed to looking at the bright side of life, you will move into, and are deeply affected by, your Extremes. Moving into your extremes is a fact of life and the goal is simply to recognize when you are there and move back to your centered tendencies as soon as possible.

The world you see that seems difficult and insane, is the result of perceiving your situation through an extreme set of limiting beliefs that never work for your good. To experience the world differently, you must be willing to move from seeing the world through lenses of your extreme personality color tendencies back to your center, where every situation looks clearer and easier to handle. In your center you can allow the messages of your past slip away, you can expand your clarity and sense of now, and your fear and frustration begin to diminish.


In 2008, Dawn was selected by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project as one of the nation's 80 emerging women leaders. She was selected as on of 15 Women of Achievement by the Georgia YWCA. Dawn Billings is an author, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Women's Network with locations in US, Canada, and Australia. She is the architect of the Primary Colors Personality Tests and Insight Tools, and founder of Personality-Experts.com. Dawn is also the creator of OverJOYed Life and the Happiness Curriculum. Dawn is the executive director of The Healing Resort in Arizona.

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